We are a coaching centre, providing unmatched quality coaching for CBSE, engineering and medical entrance examinations. It has been our constant endeavor to deliver the best possible education to every student. Quality education, reasoning ability and a scientific bent of mind makes the leaders of tomorrow and help students make a better future for themselves.

Teaching Methodology

We believe that teaching goes much beyond text books and stationary. There needs to be a constant and constructive interaction between the student and the teacher, which helps understand a student’s learning patterns, helps in confidence building and also provides a conducive environment and assists learning.

Understanding the complexity of subjects in higher classes, we use easy to understand techniques and logic based teaching to facilitate easy grasping and retention of concepts. Our in-depth coverage of topics, practice sessions and regular evaluations enable students to write the examination with confidence and excel.

Course Material

Our course material is well researched and extensive, covering the minutest of details which is essential for learning a topic. Easy to understand language and relevant pictorial representation further assists learning. The accompanied practice assignments, in the form of Multiple Choice Questions and application based Subjective Questions develops and enhances the logical and reasoning ability of students. We also make sure these questions are discussed in detail in the class so that students can identify different types of questions and the approach to be taken while solving them.

Batch Size

We ensure batch size of few students in order to have personalized attention for every student and enable one to one discussions and interactive teaching sessions.

The coaching institute is being run and managed by Mr. Rahul Arora, who has over 14 years of diverse industry experience, including 9+ years in coaching and subject guidance, Rahul is constantly involved with students, helping them with their subjects and academic training.